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Learn new ways to grow your business.  This class offers tools, ideas and strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Social media skills are a must have in the business world.  Businesses are increasingly connecting with customers and prospects on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat and others. 

This workshop educates you on using social media marketing to look for new customers, build repeat customer sales, recruit new employees, increase brand awareness, manage online reputation, and establish your company’s position in the marketplace.

Who Should Attend Social Media Foundations

Business and Marketing Professionals that desire to learn social media strategies that maximize branding and engagement.

Each class is taught in-person in Michigan. 

Each speaker is an expert in his/her specialized field of marketing.

Each class combines in-person instruction and hands-on practice.

Each class includes training materials and post-class instructor access.

Social Media Foundations

2-Day Class
$ 1395
  • April 24 - 25 (Tues-Wed)
  • Embassy Suites Livonia

Learn how to:
1.   Grow your business using Social Media
2.   Create a plan before taking the plunge
3.   Make social media pay off

Key Features

•   Learn how to reach new audiences using emerging social media platforms

   Comprehensive in-person training focused on actionable, practical takeaways

   Trainers are active experienced business marketers

   Comfortable learning environment

After 15 years of designing and launching over 1000 marketing programs, we have learned a lot.  There are right and wrong ways to implement effective and productive marketing programs; and there are also best ways. 

It is this knowledge that our marketing classes are based.


Class Topics

Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Defining vision and goals
  • Setting objectives
  • Planning, budgeting and resource skills
  • Ethics and legalities
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Understanding your competitive landscape
  • Marketplace targeting
  • Integrated marketing strategies
  • Performance monitoring and ROI

Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest
  • Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Blogging
  • Demographics of each
  • Targeting and growing an audience
  • Inspiring and engaging content
  • Advertising
  • Hashtags
  • Building visibility, brand image, presence
  • Winning trust
  • Database marketing
  • Generating sale leads

Choosing optimal Social Media Tools

  • Free and low-cost productivity tools
  • Free analytics performance tools
  • Broadcasting to multiple platforms

Content Strategies

  • Developing a content / theme calendar
  • Mixed content types
  • Optimal posting frequencies and schedules
  • Multi-platform communications
  • Maximizing engagement on multiple platforms

Tactical Implementation

  • Time-saving tools and techniques
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Content messaging strategies and themes
  • Creating, curating and distributing content
  • Key content types
  • Leveraging multiple platforms and channels
  • Marketing integration
  • Analyzing and using social influencer engagement
  • Finding and acting on existing conversations
  • Building an engaging audience
  • Managing online reputation
  • Branding and conversion
  • Integrating off-line marketing and PR

Measuring Performance

  • Free platform analytics and activity tracking tools
  • Best metrics for measuring performance
  • Google Analytics to track web traffic
  • Search engine performance
  • KPIs and ROI tracking
  • Marketplace benchmarking

Launching your program

  • Tying it all together
  • Social media policy and best practices
  • Getting started
  • Tools and Frameworks
  • Example Strategy

Program maintenance and expansion

  • Watching for industry trends and tools
  • Adding communication platforms
  • Learning and integrating new tools

This class provides a foundation for the use of social media as a marketing tool in a business environment.  It is designed for Business, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Digital Marketing and ecommerce professionals.

We are a 15-year old Michigan-based strategic marketing and sales lead generation company, and are leveraging our extensive field experience to train on launching effective marketing programs at locations throughout Michigan.

Social Media Foundations

2-Day Class
$ 1395
  • April 24 - 25 (Tues-Wed)
  • Embassy Suites Livonia
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